growth factors

About Growth Factors

Growth Factor is a naturally produced protein molecule—the body produces it. Growth factors function to control cell survival and cell division. It can equally be made laboratory genetic engineering and used in biological treatment.

Growth factors bind to receptors on the cell surface to initiate cellular differentiation and/or proliferation. Growth factors are very versatile, inciting the division of cells in various cell types, unlike others that are focused on a specific to a certain cell-type. Growth factors are simply proteins that enhance cell growth.

These proteins function as growth inhibitors and/or growth stimulators (mitogens), acts as chemotactic agents, inhibit cell migration, stimulate cell migration, inhibit tumor cell invasion, modulate differentiated cellular functions, involved in angiogenesis, involved in apoptosis and it promotes cellular survival without influencing its differentiation and growth.

Hematopoietic Growth Factors

These are hormone-like substances that incite bone marrow to manufacture blood cells. Blood cell shortage is the most significant symptom in patients with Myelodysplastic syndromes; using growth factors is very appealing in this condition.  

Various research carried out have evaluated various growth factors in patients with Myelodysplastic syndromes like granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and granulocyte macrophage-colony inciting factor.  

Erythropoietin Growth Factors

This is a growth factor which enhances the production of red blood cells. Recently, it has been discovered that mixing erythropoietin with G-CSF enhances the reaction to erythropoietin. Interleukin-11 incites the production of platelet after chemotherapy. Recent studies are trying to determine the best technique to identify which growth factor will treat new health conditions and the best methods of combining various growth factors and with other available treatments like hormones or chemotherapy.    

Growth factors are actively involved in cell differentiation and are crucial to a normal cell cycle—this makes them an important element in our lives, starting from conception to death. Growth factors moderate fetal development, stimulate the production of blood cells and play a crucial role in repair and maintenance of tissues.

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How It Works?



After identifying the best Platelet-Rich Plasma solution needed to treat your condition, a blood sample will be drawn, and it will undergo a centrifuge which filters the blood from its constituents.


Platelet Concentration

The blood plasma contains beneficial platelets, and it is collected, then it is refined to increase the concentration of both restorative components and these crucial platelets.



The prepared, final personalized Platelet-Rich Plasma solution is now injected into the soft tissues or joint space where the activated growth factors and concentrated platelets activate the body’s healing process.



Some individuals might start experiencing pain relief after their initial injection. The number of treatments that an individual is to undergo rests on the patient and the doctor’s treatment plan. As with all injectable procedures, some individuals might feel temporary mild swelling, bruising, irritation, itching, tenderness, or discoloration at the site of the injection.


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