Horizontal Therapy

Horizontal therapy is an innovation in electromedicine. This therapy is administered by utilizing the ProElec DT 2000, which is a German-engineered machine. It is currently the most sophisticated kind of electrotherapy available.

Other treatment available modalities only treat one at a time. Horizontal therapy, on the other hand, can handle both biochemical and bioelectrical components in one treatment session.      

    Is Horizontal Therapy Effective for Treating Pain?

    The FDA has approved horizontal therapy for some painful conditions, also many research studies currently ongoing to support the therapeutic efficacy of horizontal therapy. This technology has been designed for health experts in the  field of pain management and neuropathy. This device produces and delivers biological, electronically effective signals that can be utilized to heal the nerves without being invasive.  

    How Many Treatments Are Needed?

    The number of treatments differs according to each individual. Most times, about 10-20 treatments twice a week is most times both effective and efficient. Different parts of the body can be treated per session. Standard treatment session can take about 45 minutes.

    How Will My Pain Change After Treatment?

    Reduced stiffness, pain and an improved range of motion are experienced, often after completing one treatment.

    What Conditions Can Horizontal Therapy Treat?

    Health conditions like neck pain, low back pain, overuse injuries, fibromyalgia, headaches, myofascial pain syndrome, muscle re-education, muscle spasm, post-operative pain, sciatica, joint swelling, nerve pain, frozen shoulder, spinal stenosis, inflammation, depression, carpal tunnel, neuralgia and many other health conditions which are effectively treated by using horizontal therapy.

    How Safe is Horizontal Therapy?

    Bioelectrical currents utilized in Horizontal therapy is very safe. These bioelectrical currents have been extensively tested and passed all standards needed for biomedical devices. Bioelectrical currents are most times not felt, or they’re painless.

    At 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), our health experts are experienced in treating pain by using the most advanced industry proven medical technologies. We are focused on treating your painful condition, and not it’s symptoms.


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