Venus Heal Injury Treatment

Venus Heal is a non-invasive and innovative medical device that helps ensure patients heal from soft tissue conditions and injuries. This device utilizes a triple-action mode, and its technique is quicker than the conventional method in treating chronic and acute soft injuries and conditions, like back pain and muscle spasms. It heals patients suffering from these conditions by reducing swelling, relieving pain, and increasing range of motion.

At 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), our primary focus is to ensure that your pain is adequately treated. That means that we go full-length using technologies and interventions, usingthe Venus Heal device is one of those ways. Contact us now to evaluate if you qualify.

What is Venus Heal?

Venus Heal is an innovative and first of its kind device. It mixes the healing ability of deep and targeted tissue heating, massage, and pulsed magnetic energy in one treatment. This enhances its effectiveness in providing quick results in the situation of an injury. Venus heal treatments take about 10 minutes and can be performed from one to about three times a week. Relief from pain can be noticed after just one session. This soft tissue treatment method is customizable to your individual needs. It can equally be combined with other forms of treatment to get back to your best feeling sooner.

How Does It Work?

The Venus Heal device is powered by the novel RP3 technology that merges therapeutic massage, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency. These three approaches work together to reduce swelling, relieve pain, relax the muscles, improve local blood circulation, help in faster healing, and improving range of motion. This treatment technique can alleviate:

  • Foot pain
  • Leg, neck, back, shoulder, neck, and wrist pain
  • Strained muscles
  • Jumper’s knee
  • Overuse injuries or repetitive strain
  • Various other soft tissue conditions and injuries 
What exactly does this device do?

The Venus Heal device helps you recover quickly from soft tissue injuries. It provides in-depth, uniform, and targeted heat using applicators that massage the injury site and uniformly deliver the healing power of pulsed magnetic energy. These three approaches work together to reduce swelling, relieve pain, relax the muscles, improve local blood circulation, help in faster healing, and improving range of motion

Is this a safe technology?

The technology behind this device is safe. The technology merges three excellent modes of action: Massage, Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF). The two energy-focused components of these modalities, which are the PEMF and RF, are entirely safe. And the third component, ‘massage,’ is a manual technique that is always included in a patient’s treatment plan for soft tissue injuries. Glide gel (glycerin-based) is appliedto the skin to ensure that it is protected from the heat.


Can this treatment be made during lunch break?

Yes. Treatment times vary greatly depending on the injury, condition, and the patient, however, one single session usually takes about 5-15 minutes.

How deep does our modality penetrate? How deep can we treat?

if you want to massage more deeply, you can add the equivalent of 5-20 pounds of pressure to the handpieceswith our patented multi-polar handpieces the temperature reading at the skin surface is approximately the same at 1.38 cm and 2.75 cm below the skin 1:1 ratio (small & large handpieces respectively). However, if you want to target deeper layers of fascia, connective tissue and muscle, you would either increase the temperature or duration of the treatment time. Our device is unique this way due to our deep volumetric homogenous heating via the electrodes- so deep heating is achieved without discomfort to the patient.

How hard can you press on the handpieces?
if you want to massage more deeply, you can add the equivalent of 5-20 pounds of pressure to the handpieces.
What is considered target tissue temperature and why? ** 41 degrees C
According to several studies i.e. Klingler, Draper, Lehmann, ” temp increases of 1 degree above baseline can reduce mild inflammation and increase metabolism, a 2-3 degree increase in tissue temp will decrease pain and muscle spasm, an increase in target tissue temperatures of more than 3-4 degrees C above baseline WILL increase tissue extensibility enhance metabolic & circulatory responses and decrease tissue stiffness allowing the clinician to treat chronic problems and provide an optimal time to use joint range of motion techniques”. With tissue heating at or above 4 degrees, there is a window of opportunity to more permanently alter the VISCOELASTIC properties of collagen. When tissues become more viscoelastic, they can “slide more smoothly over each other”. If a clinician wants to encourage the tissue to be stretched or altered via a mechanical stress i.e. tools, cupping, massage, ART, stretching, traction etc… it can be done more easily and permanently if heat at this temperature is applied immediately prior to your treatment.
What type of areas, conditions do you treat?
Venus Heal is the modality of choice for any patient where application of deep heat is recommended or reduction in edema and pain is warranted. Heat from the RF modality can be used where the therapist usually would apply heat, our device just penetrates deeper and at therapeutic temperatures. Where heat is not indicated, example acute injuries the PEMF modality would be best as it heals tissue and reduces edema at the cellular level. Massage with the handpieces with or without heat is also possible. Every modality can be used depending on your treatment options and the patient’s condition.
How do you charge for patient visits?

It is up to the individual practitioner to practice in a manner consistent with the state and federal laws of which they are a part of and to bill appropriately and in accordance with any insurance plan that they are in a contract with.

In USA a provider is reimbursed for treatment rendered to a patient. Include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Private pay (cash)
2. Health insurance which may include Medicare and/or Medicaid type policies
3. Personal injury
4. Worker’s Compensation

Private Pay/ Cash
NOTE: A Venus Heal treatment is far more personal and valuable to the patient than a 4-minute laser or ultrasound treatment for similar price. You may also get your assistant to administer the treatment where state laws permit.
If you charge by treatment type, and this is the only modality or treatment performed this can be compared to a luxury massage session, $45-95.00/ 30- 50 minutes should be fair or check the average prices in your area…. Have them choose your clinic vs. ‘massage envy’.
One can either chose to charge the patient for each individual time that the device is utilized i.e. charge an additional $25.00/ 10 minutes

Provide a “package” of treatments in which a discount is given for payment in advance of the treatments being rendered i.e. Buy 3 treatments and receive a 15% discount.

Patient compliance is HIGH, it feels amazingly comfortable to all patients, “like a hot stone massage”, they are more likely to return for entire treatment protocol, and often refer their friends and family because “this unique modality that is not available at home or other clinics close to home”. Have patients choose your clinic for complete care versus choosing your competitors.

Medicare and/or Medicaid/ Third Party Insurance Billing (A guide only)
VC does not have a billing code for Venus Heal. We cannot promise a certain billing code will work. However, some of our current customers are using codes listed below. Third party payers will typically require a CPT code when filing a claim for a service to be reimbursed, every third-party provider, patient policy type and diagnosis can determine if a CPT code is reimbursed.
CPT codes that MAY apply:
● 97024- Diathermy Modality
● 97110 – Therapeutic exercise to develop strength and endurance, range of motion and flexibility, each 15 minutes.
● 97140- Manual therapy (CPT 97124), the AMA states that it must include one or a combination of the following: joint mobilization and manipulation, manual traction, soft tissue mobilization
● 97139 – Unlisted therapeutic procedure (specify)
● 97799 – Unlisted physical medicine/rehabilitation service or procedure
● 97039 – Unlisted modality (utilized when there is no accurate code for your modality). It is recommended that you note the code and then list the device and that it is FDA approved and helping increase range of motion and strength in associated muscles, so there are some methods of treatment utilizing the device in which a therapeutic procedure can be used. These types of codes are used when a direct (one-on-one) contact between the provider and the patient is utilized in an “attempt to improve function”.

Can Heal treat over implants, replacement joints, metal, screws, implants metal or silicone?
No we can not treat over these areas as they can redirect current to untargeted areas and possible heat up these materials.
Like most energy-based devices- refer to Treatment guidelines for more details .
Who are your current customers?
Our customers include Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Athletic Therapists, Licensed/ Registered Massage Therapists, Osteopaths.

At 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), our primary focus is to ensure that your pain is adequately treated, and that means that we go full-length use technologies and interventions that will help, and using the Venus Heal device is one of the ways. Contact us now to evaluate if you qualify.


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