Knee on Trac

The Knee on Trac provides patients with chronic knee pain, the relief they have been looking for.This one of a kind treatment offers a nonsurgical procedure that slowly and gently works to decompress the joint. The Knee on Trac helps to decrease inflammation, increase range of motion, rehydrate, and speed up the healing process. This is all done in a quick and straightforward treatment using the patented Knee on Trac.

Back on Trac

The Back on Trac is a spinal decompression treatment that slowly and gently stretches out the spine. This treatment is applied with the goals of relieving pain and promoting an optimal environment for bulging, degenerating, or herniated disc to heal. The therapy creates a negative intradiscal pressure to promote retraction or repositioning of the herniated or bulging disc. It alsocreates a lower pressure, which can speed up the healing process. Back on Trac also uses health and vibration therapy while it works to decompression the spine.

Total Body and Brain O2

Oxygen is vital for the body; it is carried by the red blood cells and distributed throughout the body. Under breathing occurs in many adults; therefore, the Total Body and Brain O2 assists withthe healing process by super-saturating the body tissues, plasma, and lymph with high levels of oxygen. This helps the body to continue the healing process and assist with poor cellular healing.The Total Body and Brain O2 can help improve cognitive function, enhance neurological function, overcome fatigue, improve cardiovascular function, reduce muscle stiffness, and decrease recovery time


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