At 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), we employ the best patient care philosophy, which ensures that our patients receive the best industry-proven personalized care they need. We understand that every patient is unique, and our health experts focus results instead of volume.

Our patient care approach focuses on three main aspects, and these are;


  • Functional Medicine Approach
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Smart Procedures






Functional Medicine Approach

Functional Medicine technique is a personalized, science-based, patient-centered approach which ensures health doctors and patients to work together to solve the causes of sickness and enhance optimal wellness. The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) has been considered as the top standard of training in this medical field, and Functional Medicine is a holistic approach.

Functional Medicine is different from conventional medicine because instead of focusing on symptomatology, which traditional medicine is based on, it focuses on the chief cause of the disease.

Our health experts will first patiently listen to your health issues. Engage with you to understand more about the symptoms you experience, and then, we will create a personalized Functional Medical schedule to tackle your negative health experiences.

Patient Centered Care

At 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), we value and respect the uniqueness of each individual and their personal experiences with adverse health issues. Our goal is to ensure that you go back to your best feeling after we’ve taken care of you. From the point you book an appointment with us untill you complete your therapy, you’ll always be given the highest possible care and attention. We pride ourselves not only on the number of patients we’ve successfully treated but also on the treatment process. We ensure that our patients receive top-quality attention and care.

Smart Procedures

As technology is currently evolving, we at 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief) employ Smart Procedures, which comprise of harnessing the latest trending medical imaging and guidance technology. By using these advanced technologies, we ensure that proper injection procedures placed in the target site is effectively done. We at 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief) uses the latest ultrasound, fluoroscopic, and electromyographic guidance.


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