Functional Medicine Approach

The Functional Medicine Approach is a personalized treatment technique focused on health experts and patients working together to solve ailments of the ill and enhance the wellness of all. It is considered the holistic approach within the field and is taught by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) who carries the highest standard of training within this field.

The primary difference between this method of treatment and the conventional methods in medicine is the target of treatment. With conventional medicine, treatment is carried out on the symptoms a patient displays from his ailment; otherwise known as symptomatology. The Functional Medicine Approach however, instead focuses on the actual cause of the ailment and uses treatment to cure it.

Another key difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine is their use and purposes. While conventional medicine will be better suited for treating urgent issues and acute medical conditions, the Functional Medicine Approach is ideal for curing chronic sickness. Scenarios in which a patient needs to get a series of tests to find the problem of their ailment after their initial visit to the doctor is because they tried to apply conventional medicine to a chronic illness. These cases happen a lot more frequently than many realize; especially with patients who take their medical records with them to clinics but still do not receive correct treatment.

While the approach has obvious benefits, it should not be considered a quick-fix medicine to a patient’s problems. The process requires time to be effective and a cooperative patient. This engagement between the health expert and patient is critical as treatments through this approach can require multiple visits and sessions.

In the world of medicine, conventional medicine still stands at the top of the field as the Functional Medicine Approach is still at an infantile stage. There is also many who debate the approach as it opts for clinical evidence over research-based evidence. However, it is also quickly seeing growth and exposure within the industry that will see it become more dominantly used within the area.

Because of its nature to focus on the cause of the ailment as opposed to the ailment’s symptoms, many patients opt in favor of the Functional Method Approach for its positive results. One such result is the reduction in cost on health care as versus the cost through conventional means. Patients are also known to see significant health improvements as the cause of the ailments get treatment and the overall symptoms lessen.

For us at 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), we also opt to use the Functional Medicine Approach so that we can ensure our patients get the specialized treatment they need. Every person is unique and different; this is something we understand better than most, and as such, it is why our health experts focus on the results of each patient rather than the volume of patients we’ve treated.

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