Sports Injury

Every athlete, no matter the age is prone to sports injuries. Most sports injuries can result from ill-fitting or outdated sporting equipment, overuse of specific muscles, improper technique, or an inadequate warm-up.  

Sports injuries like strain, bruise or sprain might lead to acute pain (which means temporary pain), and sometimes it can transform into chronic pain which can last longer than three months. Chronic pain can be in the form of broken bones, shoulder problems, or injuries to the ankles and knees, ligaments, spinal cord or brain.    

Symptoms of Sports Injury

Sports injury is a broad term, and various symptoms are linked to it. Below are some symptoms that are mostly seen in sports injury:

  • The injured body site might become swollen
  • A dull ache in the injured area of the body
  • A sharp pain caused by precise movements  
  • Limited functionality
  • Tenderness in the affected
  • Muscle tightness and soreness
  • The individual might unable support himself or herself

At 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), we focus on helping our patients get quick relief and return to the field of play. For further injury prevention and long-term result, sports injury needs to be appropriately diagnosed. We have experts on sports injuries pain management that are always ready to help you undergo a proper examination. Contact us now to schedule your injury evaluation.

Sports Injury Causes

Most times, sports injuries are caused by an overuse of a particular body part. Also, other damages can be caused by trauma to the specific body part. Most sports injuries are caused by ill-fitting or outdated sporting equipment, overuse of particular muscles, improper technique, or an inadequate warm-up.  

Sports Injury Diagnoses

The symptoms of sports injuries are vast, and that means you’ll need the service of a sports injury doctor for your diagnosis. You’ll be examined physically by your doctor, and your medical records will be checked to ensure proper diagnosis of your sports injury is attained.  

Sports Injury Pain Treatment By 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief)

At 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), our sports injury doctor highly values the necessity of an interdisciplinary technique which uses regenerative medicine approach to treat your injury. If your sports injury treatment isn’t offered by 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), we will refer you to other sports injury doctors. Contact us now to evaluate if you qualify.