What Sport Causes the Most Injuries and How to Prevent Them?

Sports injuries are a reality for athletes of all genders and ages. They range from mild and inconvenient to career-ending, and the severity depends on many factors. That’s why athletes need to do everything they can to take care of their physical health and minimize the chances of injuries.

Have you ever wondered what sports cause the most injuries? Read on to discover the list of the four most dangerous sports and how to decrease injury chances.

1. Combat Sports

When you participate in combat sports like boxing, martial arts, wrestling, and others, there is a high chance you’ll end up with an injury. This is because the whole point of combat sports is to overpower your opponent using skills and strength, which often leads to injuries.

For instance, most boxers finish their careers with vision impairment, speech problems, coordination issues, brain damage, or some other long-lasting injury. And if you’ve ever watched a UFC or MMA fight, you know how dangerous these sports can be.

However, there are more people watching combat sports than participating. So, although the injuries are frequent, there is a smaller overall number of injuries compared to more popular sports like basketball or football.

2. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports worldwide, with millions of Americans of all ages playing it every year. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or professional; basketball injuries are fairly common.

The most common basketball injuries include ankle sprains, jammed fingers, deep thigh bruises, facial injuries, and fractures. Most of these injuries require a visit to the doctor’s office, where they’ll perform an exam and propose a treatment. Sometimes, you’ll need an X-ray, MRI scan, or arthroscopy to estimate the scope of your injury better.

You can prevent many injuries by wearing adequate equipment like shoes that protect your ankles, mouthguards, and protective cups. In addition, it is vital to warm up before a game and stretch properly afterward.

3. Football

    Football is neck to neck with basketball in popularity and the number of injuries it causes every year. Interestingly, younger athletes experience more injuries playing football than their older colleagues.

    The most common football injuries include concussions, knee injuries like ACL ruptures, and shoulder, ankle, and hip injuries. The best way to prevent them is to wear a helmet, padding, and other protective equipment. In addition, you need to warm up properly and keep hydrated to prevent muscle cramps.

    4. Soccer

      Soccer is the most popular sport globally, and its popularity has been rising here in the US. Unfortunately, there are plenty of hard contacts and collisions during each game, which could lead to injuries.

      The most common injuries include ankle sprains, fractures, concussions, knee injuries, hamstring strains, and hernia. You can try to prevent them by wearing shin guards, cleats, and other protective equipment. In addition, it is vital to warm up, stretch, hydrate, and be careful about air duels.

      What to Do If You Sustained a Sports Injury?

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