Is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEFT) Efficient in Pain Relief?

The simple answer is yes, PEFT shows superb efficacy in pain relief. There are many benefits and reasons why this type of therapy is more efficient than many other frequently used pain relief methods.

How does PEFT work? In a nutshell, this therapy incorporates healthy electromagnetic frequencies to stimulate and activate the energy of the cells. It enhances the natural repair activities, which consequently speeds up the regeneration process. One of the primary outcomes is the improved energy level in the cells, and it can result in pain relief.

In addition, PEFT has shown excellent results in reducing inflammation, which is also a significant factor in achieving successful pain relief. The electromagnetic pulses PEFT uses have a strong healing impact on the cellular sources of swelling by stopping the release of inflammatory mediators. In return, the cells heal faster, and the chain of positive effects continues with reduced inflammation, followed by reduced pain. The outcome is a significant improvement in the overall health status of a patient.

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