How To Reduce Arthritis Pain

One of the most recognizable names in the medical field, arthritis is a very common illness that befalls a lot of people. When faced with arthritis, the joints are under duress, which leads to plenty of joint pains and aches. Some could have a case so severe, their movements are almost brought to a slow crawl due to the high amounts of pain. But, if there’s a will, there’s a way, so what can one do to mitigate the pain, if not rid themselves of it altogether?

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What Is Arthritis, Exactly?

When one hears the word arthritis, the first mental image that comes to mind is an elderly person with achy, pained joints. Although it isn’t an illness limited to just the elderly, arthritis is indeed an illness that causes pain in the joints. The pain can be anywhere from mild discomfort, to, in severe cases, a debilitating pain that can leave one in a state of being able to barely move. Arthritis is a disease that will gradually get worse over time, and there are multiple types of arthritis, which include osteoarthritis, hip arthritis, knee arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Where Does It Come From?

If one’s joint cartilage begins to weaken and eventually deteriorate, then arthritis is coming right behind it. Cartilage, the same tissue that your nose and ears are made of, acts as the cushion between your joints by absorbing the shock and pressure from movement and impacts. If they begin to experience wear-and-tear, the cartilage can become irritated, which can lead to mild discomfort. However, should the cartilage be completely worn down and there’s nothing stopping your bones from rubbing and touching, the ends of the bone are going to be damaged, which leads to the joint pain.

Signs Of Arthritis

Look out for the following signs. Arthritis can be described as: 

  • Joint pain after use
  • Loss of flexibility limiting joint usage
  • Stiff joints after not moving for a while
  • Swelling in the joints
  • Bone spurs forming

What Can You Do About It?

While arthritis is a disease that has been studied for quite some time, unfortunately, there isn’t a known cure for it to this day. However, even though there isn’t a cure that will get rid of it altogether, one can use several methods to mitigate its effects and keep the pain down to a manageable level. For example, exercises that are easy on the joints and encourage movement without actually applying pressure to the joints themselves are a good idea.

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There are other treatments, like the following, that are proven to aid in pain reduction:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
  • Ibuprofen for mild pain
  • Corticosteroids for the more severe cases
  • Losing weight to take the pressure off the joints
  • Avoiding unhealthy coping mechanisms, like smoking and drinking
  • Surgery when all other methods aren’t as effective


Arthritis is a disease that causes joint pains by way of no longer having cartilage to keep the joints from rubbing together. Although there isn’t a complete cure known to science today, there are plenty of ways to mitigate the pains caused by the illness, such as light to moderate exercise, weight loss, pain relief medications, stretching and daily movement, as well as taking it easy on your joints.

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