How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain can be excruciating. It can occur as a sharp stabbing sensation that comes in bursts or be a constant aching discomfort that never seems to stop. 

The thing about lower back pain is that it can make most other things undoable, which seriously affects the quality of your life. And the worst thing is, most adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons people seek medical help.

Alleviate your pain now and get the best low back pain treatment in the Woodlands, TX.

Read on to learn about home remedies for lower back pain and where you can get the best professional help to get rid of your chronic aches.

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Keep in mind that the best treatment for lower back pain can be proposed by a medical professional. You should visit one, and they’ll recommend the right approach based on your physical condition and the cause of your pain.

Here are some of the things they may recommend.

Taking Pain Medication

Over-the-counter pain medications are usually the first things people try to alleviate their lower back pain. They are a great option because they are created to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling. 

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin and ibuprofen are the most popular options. 

Some medicated creams and ointments could also help relieve back pain, tension, and stiffness. Ask someone to help apply them if you have issues reaching your lower back.

Use Hot or Cold Packs

Hot and cold therapies have been used to reduce pain and swelling for quite some time. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to get quick pain relief. 

If you are struggling with chronic aches, the best approach would be to apply cold and then heat. If you feel sore after exercising, cold therapy is the best approach. On the other hand, mild acute pain is usually resolved with a hot pack.

Stretch More

Stretching exercises are a great way to reduce back pain. Specific stretches like the “Cat-Cow” can help ease the tension in your lower back and increase mobility. You can talk to a medical professional or find a few stretches online and implement them daily.

Get Moving

It may seem counterintuitive, but exercising can help relax your lower back muscles. However, you need to consult with your doctor before exercising, as doing the wrong things can worsen your pain.

Low impact activities like swimming are perfect, as they don’t put pressure on your lower spine and strengthen your whole body.

Evaluate Your Sleeping Arrangements

Sometimes sleeping in an awkward position could cause lower back pain. Make sure your mattress offers the proper support so that your spine remains in a neutral position while lying down. 

Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees, as that should help you with natural spine alignment. 

Getting Medical Help for Lower Back Pain

Sometimes the home remedies are just not enough. If you are looking for the right professional to help you get rid of lower back pain, Dr. Edward Nash and Dr. Jeffrey Pruski from the 3R center can help. With their extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with pain, you’ll get the best approach for long-term pain relief. We provide the best low back pain treatment in the Woodlands, TX. Click here to schedule an appointment.


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