How to Deal with Referred Hip Pain?

A variety of reasons can cause hip pain. Based on the origin, hip pain can be divided into two major groups, the discomfort from a hip dysfunction and referred pain. The latter means that the underlying problem is not located in the hip joint, and the pain originates in a neighboring area.

In most cases, a referred hip pain can be traced back to a specific spinal problem. Two major issues that cause hip pain are spinal misalignment and disc herniation, and the only way to address referred pain is the efficient treatment of the underlying conditions.

Spinal misalignment is successfully treated with a spinal adjustment. During this procedure, a controlled pressure applied by hands or a small instrument is used to return a spinal joint to its original position and eliminate pain.

When it comes to treating disc herniation, excellent results are achieved with spinal decompression therapy. This motorized traction technique successfully takes the pressure off the spinal discs, thus eliminating the source of the pain.

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