How can pulseD electromagnetic field therapy reduce low back pain?

Low back pain is a common medical condition that can really affect patients’ day-to-day lives, but can also improve with self-care, applying heat and cold, taking pain medication, remaining active, improving posture, etc. However, some cases are more difficult to treat, not responding to conventional treatment methods.

In these cases, trained and specialized healthcare professionals use certain techniques to relieve low back pain and improve physical function. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy enters into this category and is a now common method used to treat this musculoskeletal condition. Read on to learn how we can help you get the best low back pain treatment in the Woodlands, TX.

We at 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief) Regenerative Medicine Center are committed to providing preventative and regenerative care to patients suffering from low back pain through pulsed electromagnetic field therapy thanks to the experience of experts such as Dr. Jeffrey Pruski, famous Chiropractor of the Joint & Spine Center in Dr. Nash pain management.

Diverse studies have been performed in the past few decades, finding pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) to be a very beneficial non-invasive treatment option for several types of musculoskeletal pain, low back pain included, but not limited to only these conditions.

This therapy uses healthy low-level electromagnetic radiation frequencies to increase good health and wellness in the body. PEMF takes advantage of the natural electric charge possessed by cells in order to stabilize them and promote repair and recovery mechanisms in tendons, muscle, bones, and organs.

The energy emitted by PEMF is different from electromagnetic fields that come from microwaves, wireless routers, X-rays, and airplanes, which can affect cells by altering their DNA and leaving them without knowing what to do, resulting in serious medical consequences, such as metabolic disorders, cardiovascular problems, neurological issues, and even cancer.

Instead, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy uses low-level radiation frequencies that can be found in nature, falling in the range of 5-30 Hz, which is a range that the body can handle and knows what to do with it. In addition, PEMF sessions are brief, limiting the electromagnetic exposure to a minimum of 10-20 minutes, while delivering short pulses instead of constant ones.

By scheduling an appointment with us over at 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief) Regenerative Medicine Center, we can make you return to your daily activities in the shortest possible time through pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, an advanced treatment method that does not produce any negative consequences, unlike many of the present medical alternatives indicated for the treatment of the same pathology.

So, schedule your appointment with us and you will receive the proper attention your case requires.

For more information about low back pain, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and so much more, contact us at 346-351-4141. Our team of experts based in the luxuriously planned community of The Woodlands, TX, will be available during working hours to answer all your inquiries and support you in your path to wellness.


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