Horizontal Therapy for Muscle Spasticity Treatment

Damage of the central nervous system can lead to a disruption in the complex system responsible for the control of our muscle movements. One of the expected consequences of this type of nerve damage is the uncontrolled spasms of multiple muscle groups at the same time. This kind of problem is often seen with patients who had a stroke or a severe brain injury and those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy.

The treatment for these severe conditions is complex, and addressing muscle spasticity is one of the most important elements. Horizontal therapy has proven to be very efficient in that area, particularly compared to other regularly used methods.

The biggest innovation that horizontal therapy brings to muscle spasticity treatment is the fact that, unlike other treatments available, it incorporates both bioelectrical and biochemical components in a single session. The positive results of reduced spasms and increased pain relief are often visible even after a single session. In addition, the bioelectrical currents used for horizontal therapy are very mildly felt or completely painless, making the treatment session suitable for even the most severe injuries.

Experts at 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief) have been using this innovative technology to help reduce muscle spasms in patients. If you have any questions about horizontal therapy, give them a call at  346-351-4141 or book an appointment through the website.


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