Can Regenerative Medicine Help with Thoracic Pain?

Thoracic pain, or mid-back pain, is connected to an issue related to the thoracic part of the spine. This area lies between the lumbar and the cervical spine and consists of 12 vertebrae. Its primary role is to provide stability and protect internal organs. Still, regardless of how stable and rigid it is, it is prone to pain just like any other part of the spine. 

The usual causes of thoracic pain include muscular issues, degenerative or herniated discs, arthritis, scoliosis, and various vertebral injuries and fractures. In addition, more severe cases can appear, such as cancers causing pressure on the thoracic area, lung, kidney, or heart conditions, causing pain. Regenerative medicine offers several successful treatments in providing mid-back pain relief.

A treatment with Regenerative Medicine Therapy injections that contain an abundance of growth factors could provide quick pain relief and also lead to cellular repair and tissue regeneration. Platelet-rich plasma enhances the body’s self-repair capability and has a proven record of improving the consequences of herniated discs. Finally, spinal decompression is efficient in relieving the pressure off the spinal nerves, which could provide long-term pain relief.

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