5 medical tips for social distancing | COVID-19

As the pandemic of COVID 19 continues to expand across diverse regions in the United States, both public and private health organizations are encouraging the population to practice social distancing as a prevention method to help reduce the spread of this infectious disease.

As outlined by the CDC and Texas Health and Human Services, we at 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief) urge all our patients and their beloved ones to follow the next 5 medical tips for social distancing:

#1. Connect virtually. Not having constant physical contact with people does not mean avoiding all types of connection. In fact, being considered a cause of self-isolation, using technology can really help many people stay in touch during the pandemic. While preventing feelings of loneliness, phone calls, video chats, social media, among other communication methods, provide the necessary connection human beings need while social distancing.

#2. If possible, work from home. Due to the prevention measures taken all over the national territory, all non-essential businesses have closed their doors to help reduce the spread of COVID 19. However, many of these have been capable of remaining active due to homeworking. This has been especially useful for freelancers, members of IT departments, etc. Therefore, if you are an employer or employee, consider homeworking.

#3. Avoid public or social gatherings. Assisting to any type of public or social gathering is the opposite of social distancing. Even if pubs, restaurants, bars, and similar establishments are closed, people can still have the need to reunite in parks, homes, or even in places near their house. These last reunions should be also avoided, remembering to keep proper distance with others and use a mask when going to the pharmacy or grocery shopping.

#4. Create and follow a daily routine. For some people, boredom has been very common during these times. To avoid it, maintaining a daily routine can give a sense of order and purpose to life. Additionally, use social distancing to complete some pending things on your house´s to-do list, see TV series or movies you always wanted to see, practice different hobbies, or to just spend some quality time with your loved ones.

#5. Stay healthy at your home. Experts such as Dr. Jeffrey Pruski, a member of our practice at 3R (Regenerative Repair & Relief), recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle during these times, performing daily physical activity, eating clean, getting enough sleep, meditating, etc. This is the best way to maintain a strong immune system and clear mental status, avoiding any medical complications and stressful thoughts that could make social distancing even more difficult.

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